CableMaster manufactures some of the lowest cost high quality flat cable assemblies.  We are one of the few 100% vertically integrated manufactures of flat cable assemblies in Asia.  Vertical integration means that we control every aspect of the manufacturing process, from beginning to end.  This allows us to control the level of quality and the cost of our products to offer our customers the best deals in the industry.

Flat cables are bundles of wires running parallel to form a wide flat ribbon.  This type of assembly is often found in computers and peripherals such as hard drives, CD drives and floppy drives.  One benefit of these ribbon cables are that they can be color coded.  This level of organization allows technicians to identify precisely which wire serves which function and which way the cable should be attached to its socket.  CableMaster offers flat cables created from a variety of wire sizes, so no matter what variety of ribbon cable you need, we can assist you with your design and construct it.