CableMaster understands the needs for reasonable and competitive pricing, while maintaining product quality.  Based on this realization CableMaster has partnered with an international manufacturer of wire harnesses and cable assemblies that is ISO/TS16949 certified, UL/CSA listed for wire harness manufacturing and a member of the Wire Harness Manufacturing Association (WHMA).  This partnership allows us to provide an internationally manufactured high quality product of wire and cable interconnection system for industrial, electronics, medical, telecommunication and other high performance OEM’s while maintaining a competitive price and lead time.

Quality Assurance

CableMaster’s manufacturing facilities in Asia are certified to ISO/TS16949 standards and registered to meet the quality requirements of UL and CSA Standards.  To ensure an even higher level of workmanship and quality is maintained, our partner in Asia is a member of the Wire Harness Manufacturing Associations (WHMA).  The employees in Asia are trained and certified to the latest IPC standard (IPC/WHMA-A-620B)

CableMaster is dedicated to quality through controlled, repeatable manufacturing processes.  We focus on continual improvement of our custom cable assembly processes assuring our customers the highest level of quality standards.  All products are 100% quality tested utilizing various testing equipment, enabling us to find any miss-wired or defective products instantly.  We test for continuity and resistance and perform hi-pot and component testing to ensure the quality and workmanship of every product that we manufacture.

Engineering & Prototyping

CableMaster is able to offer engineering and prototyping services.  We will work with you to understand your requirements.  Upon understanding your requirements, CableMaster comes up with solutions utilizing state of the art equipment to assist you in your design as well as fabricate custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.  We come up with solutions leading to an easier interconnection of our customer’s product while enhancing the quality of the product.


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