CableMaster offers the industry’s most extensive selections of NEMA standard molded twist lock plugs and cord connectors. In addition, CableMaster is continually securing UL approval for products that previously were only hand assembled; offering greater value to our customers with molded alternatives.

CableMaster can manufacture all of your twist lock cords with any type of twist lock plug and cord connector. If you don’t find what you need within our 3-Wire, 4-Wire, or 5-Wire lines, please contact us for assistance.

The more reliable connection that results from a locking coupling makes twist lock power cords ideal for commercial and industrial settings, where vibration or incidental impact could disconnect a non- locking connector. CableMaster molded twist lock power cords are favored by OEM manufacturers of food service equipment, commercial tanning beds, portable generator, industrial high and low bay lighting fixtures, power distribution units (PDU’s) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In addition, CableMaster has added the common molds used in the marine industry.

No matter what quantity you need, CableMaster is your best source for reducing your manufacturing cost with high quality products.  All of our molds have been tested to conform with the standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories UL817 and CSA C22.2