CableMaster manufactures a large variety of high quality competitively priced portable cord for the North American market.  All products for the North American market are UL listed and CSA Approved.

SJOOW, SOOW   Thermoset (Rubber) Jacket
SJEOW, SEOW Thermoplastic Elastomer Jacket
SJTOW, STOW Thermoplastic (PVC) Jacket

Conductor Colors
2 conductor black, white
3 conductor black, white, green
4 conductor black, white, red, green
5 conductor black, white, red, orange, green

CableMaster also stocks 5 conductor cable with a special conductor color code for the lighting industry
black, white, green -power conductors
purple, gray -for 0-10 LED control wires

Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking so that we may be able to locate the product you need through our vast network of manufacturing partners.