CableMaster utilizes portable cordage that meets the safety approvals of the country that it is used in.  Our Harmonized Cord (H05VV-F, H05RR-F, H07RN-F) carries the <VDE> mark, which is widely accepted throughout Europe.  It is also approved by SAA, the Australian testing agency for use in Australia.  Our European Cordage does not carry the ⊲HAR⊳ mark unless specifically requested.

Harmonized Cord
Harmonized cable needs to be manufactured in accordance with the EN (European Norm) 50525 cable standards. These are European standards accepted by member countries of CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). To manufacture international cable, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards can be followed. For example, the IEC 60227 is the accepted international standard for PVC cable.

The ⊲HAR⊳ Mark

When listing a cable type, e.g. H07RN-F, the “H” means it meets the harmonized cable standard (EN 50525-1). Some harmonized cable carries a special marking—the ⊲HAR⊳ mark—but not all harmonized cable does. Depending on where the cable manufacturer is located, determines whether the ⊲HAR⊳ mark can be put on the cable itself. The ⊲HAR⊳ mark can only be used on cable manufactured by members of CENELEC. Manufacturers in countries outside of the CENELEC group can be awarded approval to manufacture harmonized cable, but cannot use the ⊲HAR⊳ mark. These countries must instead use the ‘H’ in the cable code and must also have approvals from at least one of the European testing agencies in accordance with the EN 50525 standards.

Countries outside of Europe use the IEC standard, but may also require other markings on the cable. For example, China requires the IEC standard information and additional cable code information per the Chinese cable standard. Some other international cable standards, that are based off the IEC standard, may also include deviations for unique sizes (cross sectional areas), that are not included in the harmonized cable standards (e.g. 1.25mm2 or 2.00mm2 sizes common in Japan or Taiwan).  Harmonized cable and international cable (depending on approvals) can be used in Europe and in other countries throughout the world—except in North America.

Application Information of Harmonized Cord
H05VV-F (PVC Cord) – for use in offices, domestic premises, household appliances. Permitted for cooking and heating applications, provided cable does not contact hot parts and is not subjected to radiation (NOT SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR USE).

H05RR-F/H07RN-F (Rubber Cord)- for use when cable is subjected to mechanical stress in dry and damp areas. May be used as power supply cable for portable motors, appliances, domestic electric and electrical tools, agricultural and utility water equipment. May be installed on plaster or directly on structural parts of heavy machinery.

Conductor Colors
2 conductor blue, brown
3 conductor blue, brown, green/yellow
4 conductor blue, brown, gray, green/yellow
5 conductor blue, brown, gray, black, green/yellow

Note:  CableMaster carries additional types of international cordage not found here.  If you are not seeing what you are looking for, please contact us for additional assistance.