CableMaster supplies a high mechanical performance robotic cable for flexing applications.  CableMaster cables are fast flexing cables commonly found in automated production processes, power chains, machine industries, robotics, and other highly mobile machine parts. Our cables provide optimal functionality when bending, twisting, and continuous motion is required.


CableMaster can quickly provide custom manufactured cable designed to meet the most demanding design specifications and applications.

CableMaster provides the highest quality flexible cables. Whether these cables are used in oily environments, in cable trays in replacement of conduits, or in high temperature applications, CableMaster has a solution for you. Robotic cables have UL/CSA and CE approvals.

CableMaster is extremely knowledgeable and can develop  solutions for your applications. Knowing what cable to use in your robotic and continuous flex applications can save your company thousands of dollars by keeping your machines up and running. CableMaster has been specifying cables for these applications for more than 25 years, solving the problems of the most extreme applications.