CableMaster offers an extensive line of communication and control, and computer electronic cables for control circuits, industrial equipment, data transmission, audio systems, process controls and instrumentation, and electronic instrument control system applications.

CableMaster can quickly provide custom manufactured electronic cables designed to meet the most demanding design specifications and applications.

Multi-Conductor Cables




Multi-conductor communication and control cables are available in a wide variety of insulation and jacketing materials with shield designs to alleviate unwanted circuit noise for use in industrial equipment control, electric valve actuation and remote signaling, as well as communications and broadband applications.

Multi-Pair Cables


Multi-paired communication and control cables are designed for applications in circuits that require circuit-to-circuit isolation from noise minimization of capacitance imbalances and a reduction of EMI interference currents in a wide array of insulating and jacketing materials.

Computer Cable

CableMaster offers a complete line of paired and unpaired, shielded computer cable for internal or external interconnection of electronic equipment and computers for applications including data transmission, CAD/CAM, telemeter, data displays, computer print-out and credit verification systems.