CableMaster provides an extensive line of alarm and security products.  These products are  suitable for access control, video survelliance/CCTV, firm alarm and life safety, home theaters and burglar alarms, and data communications. CableMaster alarm and security cables serve major application markets such as commercial and residential buildings; business and office campus environments; public stadiums and arenas; airports, train and bus terminals; and schools, colleges, and universities.

CableMaster can quickly provide custom manufactured alarm and security cables designed to meet the most demanding design specifications and applications.


CableMaster brings you the solutions that you need for your communication, alarm, fire alarm and security cables. Cables are available for applications that require PVC or plenum jackets with and without shields. These cables can be customized to your specific requirements to uniquely identify your application.

One common question is: How do you identify whether plenum cables are required? Pictured below are examples of a plenum and non-plenum application.