UL/CSA Styles

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Insulated wires are manufactured with stranded and solid conductors in 80°, 90°, and 105°C rated temperatures at 300 and 600 volts. This jacket material is easily colored for coding and is widely used for electronic equipment, meters, control panels, appliances, lighting fixtures, HVAC equipment, and many other products. Most commonly this wire is used as AWM (Appliance Wire Material), MTW (Machine Tool Wire), or TEW (Thermal Equipment Wire). Additionally, all PVC wires will pass the VW-1 flame test. Appliance Wiring Material is both an Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association classification for insulated wire and cable used for the internal wiring of appliance and equipment. Machine Tool Wire is classified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in industrial machines exposed to oil, coolants, or other liquids. Thermal Equipment Wire is a Canadian Standards Association designation differing from CSA AWM in the approval for both internal and external applications

Temperature Ratings

80-105° C

UL Styles Associated with PVC Insulated Wire

1007, 1060, 1220, 1275, 1015, 1276, 1230, 1308, 1028, 1344, 1231, 1345, 1056, 1569

Type SIS (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Known as Switchboard Wire, this wire is designed for use as internal wiring of switchboards and control panels in dry locations. It is a very similar product to the XLPE. The UL and CSA ratings are 600V and 90°C.

Maximum Temperature Rating

90° C

UL Styles Associated with Type SIS

3173, 3195, 3196

XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


A multiple application wire that has excellent physical and electrical properties. Superb thermal aging characteristics; resistance to weather, sunlight, ozone, moisture, fumes, acids and alkalis, and its ability to resist abrasion deformation make it a good choice for a variety of applications. This material is UL rated at 600V and 125°C or 150°C.

Temperature Rating

125 – 150° C

UL Styles Associated with XLPE

3182, 3266, 3290, 3295, 3296, 3297, 3298, 3321