Braided Silicone Rubber


150°C and 200°C single conductor silicone rubber insulated wire with lacquer sealed braided fiberglass jacket. Typical applications include for motor leads, lighting fixtures, electronics, ranges, and other high temperature applications. This wire falls under the Fixture Wire classification with the following designations: SF-1, SF-2, SFF-1, SFF-2, SEW-1, SEW-2, SEWF-1, SEWF-2 and SRML. It also meets specifications for UL’s VW-1 flame test.

Temperature Rating

150-200° C

UL Styles Associated with Braided Silicone Rubber

3068, 3070, 3071, 3074, 3075, 3101, 3122, 3127, 3231, 3304, 3410

Braid-less Silicone Rubber


150°C and 200°C single conductor silicone rubber insulated wire. Superior low temperature, moisture, ozone, and chemical protection properties highlight this product. Typical uses are as appliance, fixture, and motor lead wire.

Temperature Rating

150-200° C

UL Styles Associated with Braided Silicone Rubber

3133, 3134, 3135, 3138, 3139, 3212, 3213, 3214, 3239, 3257, 3268, 3529, 3530

ETFE/ETFE Tefzel 750 (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene)


DuPont™ Tefzel ® fluoropolymer resin offers mechanical strength and toughness along with resistance to heat and chemicals. In addition, they provide easy processing, high specific dielectric strength, and a low coefficient of friction. For these reasons, Tefzel ® resins are widely used to make compact wire and cable constructions that provide long, reliable service in demanding environments.

Temperature Rating

150-200° C

UL Styles Associated with ETFE and Tefzel

1643, 1644, 10086, 10109, 10185, 10202, 10412

FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene)


FEP wire is a single conductor lead wire with resistance to moisture and fluid. The extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulation allow the diameter to be 20-30% smaller than conventional wire. FEP offers optimum insulation for smaller applications at half the space of other constructions. FEP meets FDA Code 121.2555 requirements for appliances and machines used in food-contact applications. It is impervious to most chemicals, acids, fuels, solvents and water. Mechanical toughness and low coefficient of fricition allow pull installation of long wire lengths.

Temperature Rating

200° C

UL Styles Associated with FEP

1330, 1331, 1332

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

single9.pngPTFE insulated wire is designed to operate in extreme conditions including high frequency and high temperature. Common applications include power supply lead wire, appliance wiring and medical applications. PTFE is highly reliable and provides resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, and chemicals. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Temperature Rating

200-250° C

UL Styles Associated with PTFE

1180, 1199, 1659, 1815

PFA/MFA (perfluoroalkoxy copolymer)

single10.pngTeflon® PFA is a perfluoroalkoxy copolymer resin available in pellet or powder. Teflon® PFA combines the processing ease of conventional thermoplastic resins with the excellent properties of Teflon® polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon® PFA provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, excellent low-temperature toughness, and exceptional flame resistance.

Temperature Rating

250° C

UL Styles Associated with PFA

1726, 1727, 1911

TGGT/TCGT (Teflon Glass Glass Teflon)


Flexible stranded nickel-coated copper conductor. Constructed of PTFE tapes covered by wrapped fiberglass yarns. UL5256 has high temperature fiberglass braid jacket applied over the insulation, which is then treated with a high temperature saturant. Applications include internal wiring of commercial, industrial and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment, as well as severe hot spot locations in industrial processing.

Temperature Rating

250° C

UL Styles Associated with TGGS/TGGT/TCGT

5127, 5180, 5256, 5257, 5288, 5331

MGT (Mica-tape, Glass, Teflon)

single12.pngMGT is designed for use within ovens, kilns, furnaces and other high temperature situation. It is constructed with a tough fiberglass braid covering and insulated with glass reinforced mica tapes. MGT high temperature electrical cable is particularly suited to the wiring of equipment within iron and steel mills, brick and cement kilns and glass plants.

Temperature Rating

450/550 ° C

UL Styles Associated with MGS/MGT

5107, 5128, 5359, 5360, 5390, 5425