To Our Valued Customers,

We are well into 2021, and all signs point to a return to normalcy in our daily lives sometime this summer or fall. How long it will be before normalcy returns to the markets we serve may be longer still as some hard-hit segments have been forever altered. A surprise to the wire and cable market has been an overheated Chinese economy that has suffered material shortages, congested ports, and unprecedented domestic demand. These forces affect all players and have put pressure on supply chain, cost containment, and lead times.

At CableMaster, we are making every effort to take advantage of supply chain answers outside of China where feasible, whether those solutions are in other cost-competitive Asian nations or closer to home in Mexico and Central America. With our newly opened Third Party Logistics warehouse in Monterrey, Mexico, we can supply to customers’ locations in Mexico in fewer than three days. And our recently appointed salesperson in California, Mr. Flavio Garcia, is in the field with his deep experience in the wire and cable market.

The return to normalcy will likely be a bumpy ride, and we hope to make it easier for our manufacturer customers as they get back up to speed in a post-COVID world.


Matt Herbers
President, Sales
CableMaster Corp.